41 Pounds And Keeps Growing: Get To Know The 10-Month Giant

41 Pounds And Keeps Growing: Get To Know The 10-Month Giant

41 Pounds And Keeps Growing: Get To Know The 10-Month Giant

41lbs And Still Growing: Meet The Giant 10 Month Old Baby

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A 10-MONTH-OLD baby in India has weighed in at an astonishing 18.7kg (2st 13lbs) - the weight of an average six-year-old girl. Aliya Saleem, whose parents live in a remote village in the Indian state of Jharkhand, was born at a relatively large 4kg (9lbs), but started rapidly piling on the pounds once she hit the four month mark. Her enormous weight has put her life in danger and placed a huge strain on the already limited finances of her parents, dad Mohammad Saleem and mum Shabana Parveen, who are struggling to cover the costs of her daily food intake and the regular need for new clothes. The family has until now been unable to afford to take her to a hospital, but were able to get a consultation at Fortis Hospital to see a specialist in a bid to get to the bottom of Aliya's condition.

Videographer / Director: Arkaprava Ghosh
Producer: Aamir Bashir / Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal

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