Frequent Dental Procedures For Your Perfect Smile

Frequent Dental Procedures For Your Perfect Smile

Frequent Dental Procedures For Your Perfect Smile

Check out this interesting compilation showing how dentists perform common dental procedures to provide people with the perfect smile!

Are you afraid of dentists ;) After watching this video you'll be rid of that fear, and you'll definitely find it informative and interesting!

How and why wisdom teeth are removed, how braces and veneers are installed and work, and many other cases - you'll find everything in this animated video! As a bonus, it's oddly satisfying to watch!

Watch this awesome video and you'll never be afraid of dental procedures!

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0:01 - A Porcelain Veneers Procedure;

1:05 - How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed;

2:25 - The Use Of The Tongue Trainer Appliance;

2:36 - Incisor Eruption For Perio;

2:56 - A Gingival Graft Procedure;

3:43 - An Inlay Procedure;

4:24 - Undergoing A Crown Operation On A Tooth;

5:01 - The Process Of Applying A Bone Graft;

5:29 - The Use Of Sealants To Protect Teeth From Tooth Decay;

6:08 - A Socket Preservation Procedure;

6:22 - Placing Contoured And Polished Composite Veneers.


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