Shugaring The Legs Of The Cartridge İtself

Shugaring The Legs Of The Cartridge İtself

Shugaring The Legs Of The Cartridge İtself

Inexpensive shugaring cartridges can be purchased here: or here:
In the same place you can find inexpensive heater (voskoplav), for example, you can buy a set: wax, strips for shugaring and 2 cartridges, for only 999 rubles!
Here is a direct link to the set:
or a kit with a single cartridge for 770 rubles -

In this video I will show and tell you how to quickly and correctly make a shugaring of the feet of the cartridge yourself at home.

Epilation of the legs with a cartridge with sugar paste is one of the fastest and most convenient methods of depilation. Especially suitable for those who do not like to do shugaring manual techniques on their own at home.

The shugaring cartridge is very similar to the bandage technique, but it is even faster, because of the convenient application of sugar paste to the skin, and since the paste lies down in a uniform and thin layer, this method can still be attributed to more economical types of hair removal.

Speaking more specifically about paste consumption, I personally have one 80 gram cartridge for shugaring legs (shanks) and shugaring armpits. If you want to make shugaring feet completely, then you need to take two cartridges 80 gr. - 100 gr. minimum. But again this is all individual and depends on the volume of the legs.

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