The Teenager Fights Everyday Life With Facial Tumors

The Teenager Fights Everyday Life With Facial Tumors

The Teenager Fights Everyday Life With Facial Tumors


A teenage girl in India battles daily life with a severe facial tumours after losing her mother, and relying on her father to buy her clothes.
Rubi, 18, from a small village in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, has suffered from Neurofibromatosis for 15 years, which has caused her facial skin to grow to extraordinary lengths. After her mother died in 2013 she’s had to rely on her father to buy her toiletries and clothes, too scared to leave the house and go shopping herself. But Rubi still dreams of marrying and becoming a mother herself one day. ‘I have a terrible face,’ she said. ‘I have dreams like other girls to dress up like a bride and get married but nobody would want to marry this face.’

Rubi started suffering from minor symptoms at three-years-old. Her father Lal Muni, 68, and mother Shiv Dulari, 65, started noticing small lumps on her face. They took her to several doctors but they just prescribed some medicine, which had no affect. Lal Muni, who is currently unemployed, said: ‘All the doctors in our area prescribed her with some medicines but her condition just got worse. She was a three-years-old little girl with tumours on her face. We started taking her to clinics in different cities but the doctors gave up on her. They said nothing could be done. They said we had no choice but to leave her like that. We then tried some traditional medicines for more than six months but that did nothing. So then, we had no choice but to accept it.’

As Rubi got older she tried to live a normal life but her tumours gradually got bigger and it became difficult for her to go to school and walk to the market, as more people noticed her condition.

Filmed & Edited by Tanzeel Ur Rehman

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