V Soft Lift

V Soft Lift

V SOFT LIFT is a new natural face lift without downtime. The treatment protocol has been developed by the Swedish InjectAcademy. V Lift was originally developed in Korea (as for many of these threading techniques) to change the classical oriental round face onto a western V shaped face, perceived to be more attractive.

Over the last 12 months InjectAcademy has “translated” this technique to suit the Caucasian face and augmented the technique to address the changes experienced by the ageing face. The possibilities for a natural lift has been expanded to cover the whole face; forehead, chin, cheek, lip, neck, jaw line, eyebrows, double chin, crow’s feet and frown area.
InjectAcademy is now testing new body treatments.

The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes and is performed by placing absorbable fine threads with a needle into the dermis. The procedure is similar to a Botox or filler treatment. The thread is thinner than a hair and consists of polydioxanone ( PDO) – utilised in surgery over the past 30 years. Duration of results can vary between one to two years .


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